Abode is house. More precisely, it is home. It is baadi. It is where the heart resides today … and, tomorrow, the memories.

As Covid-19 constrains us to stay indoors, it is a wonderful time to renew our acquaintance with, and gratitude for, this much loved shelter.

As usual, Hindi films understood the appeal of home long ago. It is the Grahasti (1963) where the flame of life glows [1] with this joyous Ravi-Asha Bhosle melody; sadly, a home can also sometimes be a place of discord, where even the desire to smile can make you cry [2] as Kanu Roy-Manna combine to create a masterpiece for Aavishkar (1974). In many ways, life at home is a faithful depiction of life itself [3] as LP-Kishore explain so memorably in Piya Ka Ghar (1972).

A home is also to be shared, [4] and what joy if the partner is Deepti Naval in Saath Saath (1982) with the Kuldip-Jagjit-Chitra (all) Singh team. And what’s one to say of this delightfully sweet tribute [5] by R C Boral-Pankaj Mullick-K L Saigal in President (1937)?

My search also took me to that amazing Runa-Bhupinder duet [6] by Jaidev for Gharaonda (1977), and Gulzar’s fabricated confusion between asmaani vs aasmani, and tere ghar ke samnethe rather absurd idea of inviting the moon and stars to earth. So I finally decided to pick something very predictable: Dev Anand, Nutan (in water glass) in Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963) with S D Burman-Hasrat Jaipuri-Rafi-Lata. Lata asks the questions, and Rafi provides the answers. It is great fun! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwEdTapXw4k

Tere ghar ke samne, Ik ghar banaaunga, tere ghar ke samne duniya basaaunga
[Opposite your house, I’ll build a house … and a whole new world]

Dil mein wafaayen ho to, toofan kinara hai, bijli hamare liye, pyar ka ishara hai
[When you are in love, the storm provides the edge … and lightning is an expression of love]

Dil men jo pyar ho to, aag bhi phool hai, sachchi lagan jo ho to, parbat bhi dhool hai
[For the true lover, fire is a flower … and a mountain is just an agglomerate of dust]

Ulfat me taj chhute, ye bhi tumhen yaad hoga, ulfat me taj bane, ye bhi tumhen yaad hoga, main bhi kuchh banaaunga
[In love, kings have lost kingdoms … but have also built the magnificent Taj. I too will build something formidable]

[1] Nirupa Roy-Bharati Malvankar + Asha Bhosle + Ravi-Shakeel Badayuni. Grahasti (1963)

[2] Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore + Manna Dey + Kanu Roy-Kapil Kumar. Aavishkar (1974)

[3] Anil Dhawan-Jaya Bhaduri + Kishore Kumar + LP-Anand Bakshi. Piya Ka Ghar (1972)

[4] Farooque Shaikh-Deepti Naval + Jagjit Singh-Chitra Singh + Kuldeep Singh-Javed Akhtar. Saath Saath (1982)

[5] K L Saigal + K L Saigal + R C Boral-Pankaj Mullick-Kidar Sharma. President (1937)

[6] Amol Palekar-Zarina Wahab + Bhupinder-Runa Laila + Jaidev-Gulzar. Gharaonda (1977)

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